Social media is a critical driver in the rise of e-commerce by transforming the shopping experience by the introduction of “browsing” or “casual shopping.”

San Francisco, CA, November 8, 2017:  E-commerce represents a dual opportunity; first of physical store sales conversion to digital channels and second IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace, where connected devices will use digital channels to make purchases on behalf of their owners. 

Today, Javelin Strategy & Research released its E-Commerce Forecast 2017: A Digital Disruption is coming to a Store near You report. This report examines the growth of e-commerce, both mobile and online, and how it is continuing to reshape the U.S. retail landscape.

Consumers (ages 18-44) who shop across both mobile and online channels are the power users of e-commerce. More than 6 in 10 consumers ages 18-44 have made a mobile purchase in the past 90 days, in comparison with 1 in 3 or fewer consumers 45+. Adoption of e-commerce is high across all consumer age groups; however, this broad adoption is largely restricted to online shopping in which PCs and laptops are used. 

“FIs have a unique opportunity to build consumer trust in e-commerce as a “remote” shopping channel,” said Michael Moeser, Director of Payments at Javelin Strategy & Research. “For people to allow IoT devices to make purchases on their behalf, FIs can play a bigger role by working with payments networks and IoT providers to offer different payment options.” 

The report, E-Commerce Forecast 2017: A Digital Disruption is coming to a Store near You, further explores the impact that certain retailers, such as Amazon, and particular trends (e.g., development of IoT and digital expansion into grocery) are having on the growth of e-commerce. Finally, it examines how payment options for e-commerce are evolving as the market grows.

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