JAVELIN Explores Gamification Opportunities to Improve Consumer Security Behavior

San Francisco, CA, August 12, 2015: Even as concerns about privacy, fraud, and data breaches are saturating America, consumers continue to be reluctant to adopt strong security behaviors. Today, JAVELIN released, Strengthening Security Engagement with Gamification, which discusses how effective implementation of gamification can help change this trend by incentivizing consumers to adopt secure habits.

Definition: Gamification refers to the use of game design elements to drive customer behavior in nongaming contexts. Crucially, these elements could be badges, levels, or leaderboards that are then integrated into another system.

Consumer's Security Concerns Remain High

"If properly executed, gamification encourages positive behavior not because of fear of reprisals, but because accountholders genuinely want to take the proper step." said Al Pascual, Director of Security & Fraud at JAVELIN. "This kind of motivation tends to be much more effective at encouraging long-term change."

The report,Strengthening Security Engagement with Gamification, includes data from four consumer surveys.

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