By 2019, online banking will be adopted by 90% of U.S. households. After reaching such saturation, where are areas of opportunity for financial institutions (FIs), billers, third-party bill pay apps, and financial technology and payment vendors? Over the next five years, Javelin foresees there is a big upside for FIs to deepen engagement with online banking with compelling bill payment capabilities. This is a milestone period when four factors cause more consumers to shift more bills and more dollars through banks and credit unions.

Join Mark Schwanhausser and Ian Benton as they examine Moneyhawks™— a young, affluent, and tech-savvy consumer segment that Javelin tracks—for clues into deepening engagement in online banking and upgrading bill-payment capabilities to satisfy their demand for greater control. This webinar will explore strategies to shift the focus from adoption to deeper engagement within online banking by tracking crucial consumer segments that can drive profitability.

We will address:

  • Why FIs finally are becoming the first place Americans turn to pay bills, rather than logging in online at biller websites.
  • How FIs can position online banking and bill payment features to maintain the loyalty of the fickle, mobile-savvy Moneyhawks and deepen the digital engagement of other consumer segments.
  • How FIs can increase the profitability of online banking.