As connected devices continue to proliferate, digital commerce is rapidly growing. In 2014, American consumers spent $378 billion through PCs and mobile devices, up from $352 billion in 2013. This report provides an in-depth analysis of developing trends in e-commerce, coupled with forecasts of online purchasing volumes and preferred funding mechanisms through 2019. In particular, this report will examine the growing importance of mobile in accounting for the rapid expansion of overall e-commerce. Furthermore, this report will examine the reasons alternative payments such as PayPal continue to slowly eat into traditional payment methods (credit and debit cards).

Primary Questions:

  • What are the key trends affecting retail e-commerce?
  • How are emerging e-commerce payment methods faring against traditional online payment methods (credit and debit cards)?
  • What causes consumers to avoid or adopt alternative payment methods?
  • What is consumer receptivity to online payments, and how will that change over time?
  • How are mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, and wearables — transforming retail e-commerce?
  • What is the market size for various payment methods in the U.S. today, and what is the projected volume in 2019?

This report and forecast is primarily based on data collected online from August to September 2014 by Javelin from a random-sample panel of 3,100 consumers. ​