This report analyzes the findings of a new independent study that examines how the cost of fraud has significantly increased post-EMV when compared to 2015, and the associated challenges impacting a merchant’s ability to successfully grow their business. 

Key findings:

  • Fraud costs merchants more than 7.5% of their annual revenue.
  • False positives account for 2.8% of revenue lost.
  • Fraud and chargeback management consume between 14% and 23% of operational budget.
  • Digital goods merchants suffered the worst losses, at 8.6% of revenue on average, but hybrid goods merchants faced similar costs at 8.1% of revenue. 

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Vesta Corporation retained Javelin to conduct an independent online study in June 2016 of 500 e-commerce merchants earning $1 million or more annually, including 156 merchants selling only digital goods, 155 merchants selling only physical goods, and 189 hybrid merchants, selling both types of goods.