Wednesday, September 16, 2020 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET

The COVID-19 pandemic created a customer service crisis in banking: Branches were closed, call centers were jammed, and digital banking was unprepared to deliver the real-time responses that customers expected. The failure forced banks to cope with a sudden rush of digital bankers eager to monitor their accounts, deposit checks, seek loan relief, and other personalized needs for which self-help tools were of limited use. 
Best-practice banks responded on the fly to deflect high-volume service requests such as loan modifications, and turned to chat and virtual assistants to point digital customers in the right direction more quickly. Join Emmett Higdon and Mark Schwanhausser as they grade banks’ response to the pandemic and dig into recent Javelin research.
Emmett Higdon and Mark Schwanhausser will discuss:
  • Where digital banking satisfaction suffered most during 2020
  • Why digital adoption did not surge during the height of the pandemic
  • What digital banking priorities were reinforced by the COVID-19 stress test
Emmett Higdon
Director, Digital Banking
Mark Schwanhausser
Director, Digital Banking

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