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Behavioral Biometrics: Innovative Fraud Deterrent or Threat to Consumer Privacy?

Javelin Report
Date: November 6, 2019
Author(s): Sean Sposito
Research Topic(s): Cybersecurity, Fraud & Security
Behavioral biometrics is quickly emerging as a useful means of lowering fraud losses. The technology pulls data from the gyroscopes of smartphones, monitoring and measuring the rates of keystrokes, among other techniques, to accurately ensure...
This report details how this evolution has occurred, and explores how banks can cement their status as the centralized hub through which business clients monitor and manage their finances.

Security Startups: Innovative Approaches to Detection

Javelin Report
Date: October 25, 2019
Author(s): Sean Sposito
Research Topic(s): Cybersecurity
For financial institutions (FIs) and payment companies, identifying cybersecurity startups to partner with can be among the most challenging tasks inherent in network defense. Unlike large established vendors, smaller, younger firms have the agility...

The Contactless Conundrum: Making The Business Case

Javelin Report
Date: October 21, 2019
Author(s): Rachel Huber
Research Topic(s): Payments
The United States recently moved to chip technology but is it ready for contactless payments? Issuers and merchants both need each other to make the business case to upgrade to near field communication (NFC) options. The report reviews the business...

Near-Prime Lending: The Role of Alternative Data and AI

Advisory Webinar: Client Login Required
Date: October 17, 2019
Author(s): Austin Kilgore
Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Austin Kilgore and Emmett Higdon will discuss why lenders struggle to extend loans and offer competitive pricing to these “near-prime” borrowers and how now, they’re increasingly turning to new underwriting techniques, such as alternative credit...

Creating a Mobile Customer Service Continuum

Javelin Report
Date: October 7, 2019
Author(s): Emmett Higdon
Nearly 140 million Americans have used mobile banking in the past 30 days. For many of them, the mobile banking app has become their primary account management tool. Just 42% of these consumers, however, believe that they can resolve most customer...

How to Shape Zelle Beyond 2020

Advisory Webinar: Client Login Required
Date: October 3, 2019
Author(s): Mark Schwanhausser
Research Topic(s): Mobile & Online Banking
Join Tyler Brown and Mark Schwanhausser as they discuss how FIs can advance their Zelle offerings to provide a superior customer experience.

Solving the Evolving Fraud Problem Through Fusion

Date: September 24, 2019
Author(s): Kyle Marchini, Sean Sposito
Research Topic(s): Fraud & Security, Cybersecurity
This original report, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, outlines the specific motivations, frameworks, and technologies used by collaborative fraud and security teams inside financial institutions, merchants, and payment service...

How to Shape Zelle Beyond 2020

Javelin Report
Date: September 24, 2019
A year and a half after its highly publicized rollout, Zelle has become the standard for making person- to-person payments through financial institutions (FIs). It has forced its way onto the shortlist for near-term investments in digital banking...

How Amazon Is Redefining Payments

Javelin Report
Date: September 17, 2019
Author(s): Krista Tedder
Research Topic(s): Payments
The past several years have been filled with water cooler conversations of "what happens if Amazon becomes a bank". The good news is that they don't want to be a bank. Amazon wants to partner with merchants as a payment service provider to build a...


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