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Digital Account Opening Reaches the Tipping Point

Javelin Report
Date: February 26, 2015
Author(s): Mark Schwanhausser
In 2014, more Americans applied for credit cards and a variety of loan and investment accounts through online and mobile channels. This report identifies which customers financial institutions should target first with digital account opening — and...
This scorecard displays top financial institutions’ performance in the key areas of accessibility, functionality, app user ratings, and alerts and notifications. This report also features consumer data-driven trends designed to help identify key...
This report provides a market-sizing for bill payment, benchmarks the growth in mobile payment, and spotlights key trends and recommendations for upgrading and marketing bill payment services to win over holdouts and consumers.
We are a digital culture — communicating, interacting, and consuming through every digital platform available to us. Data is being generated at an incomprehensible rate, and it will continue to increase in volume and velocity. In this report I talk...

The Digital Approach to Affluent and High Net Worth Customers

Javelin Report
Date: December 10, 2014
This report researches the digital and in-person banking habits and attitudes of wealthy consumers by segment and identify unmet needs. The four segments analyzed in this report are the mass affluent, core affluent, high net worth, and ultra-high...

In Search of a Better Password Policy

Javelin Report
Date: December 4, 2014
Author(s): Al Pascual
This report examines the security threats and vulnerabilities specific to passwords and gives recommendations on what financial institutions can do to improve the security of customer accounts.
Javelin’s 12th annual online banking and bill payment forecast highlights two critical trends for the workhorse digital channel: 1) Online banking still has a big upside. 2) This is a milestones period for FI bill pay. This report also...

Fixing CNP Fraud: Solutions for a Pre- and Post-EMV U.S. Market

Javelin Report
Date: October 23, 2014
Author(s): Al Pascual
Javelin has forecasted what a post-EMV U.S. market will comprise. CNP fraud will unquestionably be a major concern for banks, issuers, and merchants. The solutions they deploy will need to prevent fraud while at the same time limiting friction...
This report dissects the Apple Pay model, provides a state of the union look at the mobile wallet ecosystem, assesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the top 10 wallets, covers 16 wallet models  in total, and advises...

2014 Identity Safety in Banking Scorecard: Finding a Balanced Approach as Fraud Diversifies

Javelin Report
Date: October 1, 2014
Author(s): Al Pascual
This year’s scorecard examines the state of the current threat environment following several years of massive data breaches, as well as provides insight into which fraud solutions are best adapted to mitigating current threats.


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