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Banks must strive to create a stellar customer experience in the digital world. They Cracking the Code: Digital Channels and Customer Experiencecannot afford to postpone integrating all channels into firm-wide CE programs.  The reason: Digital channels are becoming important drivers of satisfaction among critical customer segments, including affluent consumers and the increasingly influential Gen Y or millennial generation.

8 pages


Retail banking and payments have  seen consolidation in the industry as financial institutions are growing their digital offerings to meet customers’ needs and improve their profitability.  Javelin’s practice leaders have identified five trends for 2015 that will shape and transform digital banking, payments, mobile, and security strategists.

14 pages; 5 charts/graphs

Smartphones, Tablets, and Fraud: When Apathy Meets Security---sponsored by Nok Nok Labs

This whitepaper investigates how the rise in mobile device usage puts Consumer empathy surrounding mobile security places them at higher risk for identity fraudpersonal identifiable information at risk.   Activities such as financial transactions and shopping, mixed with a general state of apathy by mobile stakeholders around security measures, is creating a perfect storm and an open invitation for fraudsters to take advantage.

(19 pages; 5 graphics)

The Consumer Data Insecurity Report--sponsored by National Consumers League

As the use of consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII) by businesses continues to evolve, sensitive data is constantly being placed at risk of compromise. To ensure that consumers can take necessary actions to protect themselves after a breach has occurred, 47 states have enacted data breach notification laws. This white paper explores the attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of fraud victims in four metropolitan areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Minneapolis.

33 pages; 22 charts/graphs

The Three Costliest Myths about Gen Y--sponsored by Comrade

Gen Y consumers will earn 46% of the income in the United States by 2025. Despite their potential, the young Americans in Gen Y are often misunderstood by financial services providers or — worse yet — ignored. This 3 Myths about Gen Y are bustedwhitepaper dispels the three most costly myths circulating in financial services today about young consumers.

12 pages; 3 graphics

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