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How to Hook a Moneyhawk: Digital Account Opening Is Key to an Omnichannel Strategy--sponsored by Andera

Establishing a digital banking strategy starts with addressing the profitable but demanding Moneyhawks™, who are shaping how Americans will bank, pay, shop, save, and invest in the future. These 37 million Americans represent the 19% of consumers who actively use three engagement‐building activities that drive banking profitability: online banking, mobile banking, and bill payment through their primary bank or credit union.

Moneyhawks will not accept the choice of either/or. They want the best of every channel at their discretion — digital and physical. Banks and credit unions that develop compelling omnichannel services to satisfy Moneyhawks will be on course
to achieve the ultimate goal: becoming the primary place that the most coveted banking customers turn to whenever they think about their money.

14 pages


Complimentary consumer report features an update on the Fraud Beat of what fraudsters are up to today, as well as a checklist of activities to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity fraud.

8 pages; 3 charts/graphs

Sponsored by FIS: Paydiant Mobile Wallet Case Study at SEFCU

This white paper was sponsored by FIS to examine SEFCU’s recent experience with the FIS Mobile Wallet, a solution offered by FIS and Paydiant. The FIS Mobile Wallet is a cloud-based financial institution-branded solution that was implemented as a pilot trial with SEFCU. This Mobile Wallet trial was implemented at Zia Maria’s Café, a quick-service food service provider located at SEFCU’s headquarter. With immediate positive feedback from both users and the merchant, SEFCU continues the mobile wallet pilot today, expanding the participant pool and continuing to add new mobile app features.

6 pages

Sponsored White Paper: Data At Rest is Data at Risk

Data at Rest is Data at Risk, sponsored by Identity Finder,  identifies and explores the threats that data breaches pose to the financial, health-care, and retail industries.  Every year, the risk of identity fraud that consumers face as a result of data breaches continues to rise.  As a result, an ever greater number of consumers are losing their trust in the businesses which were supposed to be protecting their personally identifying information.  As data breaches adversely affect businesses and their customers, preventing these incidents should be a priority for any organization that is entrusted with sensitive consumer data.

14 pages

Sponsored White Paper: FIS’ Cardless Cash Access Case Study

FIS’ Cardless Cash Access allows consumers to withdraw cash faster and more securely at the ATM, by preordering transactions through an Android or Apple mobile device.

10 pages

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