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This original report, sponsored by Boloro, examines the use and degradation of SMS one-time passwords, along with the qualities that made it so pervasive, and charts a path forward for institutions in search of a viable replacement.

Symantec Deprecation: Trust Beyond the Browser Lock

Javelin Report
March 16, 2018 By: Sean Sposito, Al Pascual
As foot traffic to branches dwindles and online financial services expands, there is no more important function for bankers to consider than the means by which customers securely access their online and mobile banking pages. Concurrently, big...

2018 Digital Lending Trends

Javelin Report
March 1, 2018 By: Al Pascual
While most areas in retail banking have embraced the power of going digital, lending has been a clear laggard.  It is only over the last few years that lending has truly embraced the digital revolution. Spurred by threats from alternative...

2018 Cryptocurrency Wallet Safety Scorecard

Javelin Report
February 28, 2018 By: Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini, Sean Sposito
This Javelin scorecard report evaluates the customer-facing fraud mitigation features of major cryptocurrency wallets against the fraud threats facing cryptocurrency investors.
After months of carefully setting the groundwork, Early Warning Services and banks are officially making the push for Zelle, the nascent person-to-person payments network critical to the banking industry’s continued ability to dominate the $534...

2018 Fraud & Security Trends

Javelin Report
February 19, 2018 By: Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini, Sean Sposito
With every new headline it becomes increasingly obvious that cybercrime is on the rise.  Motivated by the growing use of digital banking and payments, criminals are targeting institutions’ websites, consumers’ digital devices and non-bank...
Development in digital banking and payments services for small businesses has lagged significantly behind consumer and commercial banking, leaving many business owners and operators managing their finances and paying suppliers on platforms that are...

2018 Payments Trends

Javelin Report
February 7, 2018 By: Rachel Huber
Over the past few years the payments landscape has experienced evolutionary change in an effort to adapt to growing demands from consumers, businesses, technology, and regulators. As we kick off 2018, Javelin’s Payments team has identified three key...

2018 Identity Fraud: Fraud Enters a New Era of Complexity

February 6, 2018 By: Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini, Sarah Miller
Javelin’s 2018 Identity Fraud Report provides comprehensive analysis of fraud trends in the context of a changing technological and regulatory environment in order to inform consumers, financial institutions, and businesses on the most effective...
The financial services market is undergoing significant change to adapt to consumers’ mobile-first expectations. Much immediate effort in 2018 will focus on rolling out the Zelle person-to-person (P2P) network that some envision as the backbone of...


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