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E-COMMERCE PLATFORM REVIEW: Fueling Online Shopping for Tomorrow

E-commerce transactions constitute a growing share of the overall retail market, prompting  merchants and payments processors alike to expand their platforms for card-not-present (CNP) payment acceptance and processing. While most e-commerce processors and platforms facilitate traditional methods of payment, today’s offerings differ greatly in international processing focus, fraud and security features, mobile capabilities, reporting and other back-end processing functions. This report scores seven leading e-commerce platform providers — some of which offer multiple platforms for e-commerce transactions — identifying each platform’s key product features and examining each provider’s value proposition, market positioning, and differentiation.

39 pages; 29 charts/graphs

2014 IDENTITY FRAUD REPORT: Card Data Breaches and Inadequate Consumer Password Habits Fuel Disturbing Fraud Trends

In 2013, 13.1 million consumers suffered identity fraud – the second highest level on record. Existing card fraud (ECF) became increasingly popular with criminals, contributing to the near-record number of identity fraud victims.  Javelin’s “2014 Identity Fraud Report” provides a comprehensive analysis of fraud trends in the context of a changing technological and regulatory environment in order to inform consumers, financial institutions and businesses on the most effective means of fraud prevention, detection and resolution. This year, Javelin continued to explore the relationship between the compromise of personal information in a data breach and fraud incidence.  In addition, Javelin examined the effects of consumer password habits, mobile device usage, and social networking on identity fraud.

2014 ID fraud report data were gathered by a survey of a representative sample of 5,634 U.S. adults, including 936 fraud victims. This report has been issued as a longitudinal update to the Javelin 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Identity Fraud reports, and the Federal Trade Commission’s 2003 Identity Theft Survey report.

The survey was made possible in part by Intersections LLC and Visa Inc.  To preserve the project’s independence and objectivity, the sponsors were not involved in the tabulation, analysis, or reporting of final results.

73 pages; 50 charts/graphs


Complimentary consumer report features an update on the Fraud Beat of what fraudsters are up to today, as well as a checklist of activities to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity fraud.

8 pages; 3 charts/graphs

BIOMETRICS IN BANKING AND PAYMENTS: Versatile Voice Faces An Apple-Led Fingerprint Revolution

Biometric authentication has been a fixture of the public imagination for decades through frequent appearances in futuristic popular fiction. In the year 2014, these solutions may finally make the breakthrough from symbols of cutting edge technology which is constantly looming on the horizon to practical, accepted features of robust authentication systems. Several aspects of the consumer technology environment have conspired to facilitate biometrics’ deployment at the same time as providers are working out the kinks which have impeded their effectiveness. Mobile devices place biometric delivery mechanisms at consumers’ fingertips, while 3D-Secure provides a platform to implement biometric authentication for online transactions. The major obstacle to the proliferation of biometrics will be consumer trust; fewer than half of consumers trust any business or institution with their sensitive biometric data. However, financial institutions, which face this challenge to a much lesser degree than retailers and other types of institutions, can partner with merchants to pave the way for wide scale acceptance.

33 pages; 11 charts/graphs

TEN TRENDS FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES IN 2014: Big Data, Big Clouds, Big Mobile, Big Brother

Javelin’s senior analysts identify 10 trends that are transforming financial services, evaluate the implications, and map out action steps in 2014 for banking, payments, mobile, and security strategists. In 2014, Javelin predicts:

36 pages; 11 charts/graphs

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