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E-commerce transactions constitute a growing share of the overall retail market, prompting  merchants and payments processors alike to expand their platforms for card-not-present (CNP) payment acceptance and processing. While most e-commerce...

Equipping Consumers in the Fight Against Identity Fraud: Fraud Prevention Checklist

Date: February 5, 2014
Author(s): Al Pascual, Sarah Miller
Research Topic(s): Fraud Management, Fraud & Security
Complimentary consumer report features an update on the Fraud Beat of what fraudsters are up to today, as well as a checklist of activities to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity fraud.
Javelin’s “2014 Identity Fraud Report” provides a comprehensive analysis of fraud trends in the context of a changing technological and regulatory environment in order to inform consumers, financial institutions and businesses on the most effective...

Social Media Shopping Transforms Retail As We Know It

Advisory Webinar: Client Login Required
Date: February 5, 2014
Research Topic(s): Payments
While purchasing on a social network — called “social shopping” — is still in its infancy, the potential for this market is huge. Already 1 in 4 of all U.S. adults has made a purchase on a social network.
Consumer mobile purchasing surged to an all-time high, reaching almost $60 billion and demonstrating triple-digit growth in 2013. Consumers are increasingly turning to tablets and phones for purchasing despite the fact that many sites are not...
Biometric authentication has been a fixture of the public imagination for decades through frequent appearances in futuristic popular fiction. In the year 2014, these solutions may finally make the breakthrough from symbols of cutting edge technology...
Alerts have reached an evolutionary turning point that requires rethinking how to use them to proactively strike up daily “conversations” with customers.
Javelin’s senior analysts identify 10 trends that are transforming financial services, evaluate the implications, and map out action steps in 2014 for banking, payments, mobile, and security strategists.

Social Media Payments: Redefining Shopping for a New Era

Javelin Report
Date: January 17, 2014
Research Topic(s): Payments
Although social networks are a 21st-century creation, many of today’s consumers would be hard-pressed to remember a time before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. The worldwide adoption of social networks has altered the payment ecosystem:...
Javelin’s ninth annual Credit Card Issuers’ Identity Safety Scorecard analyzes the customer?facing security features and scores of 24 of the nation’s top credit card issuers using Javelin’s Prevention, Detection, and Resolution™ Model. The Scorecard...


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