Advisory Services

Javelin Advisory Services provide fact-driven and action-ready perspectives to optimize customer acquisition, revenue, cost containment, and loyalty.

A key component includes unlimited inquiries with a team of advisors, who have decades of market experience, dedicated to identifying and tracking emerging trends. With the guidance of our advisors and detailed analysis developed from primary research, you can successfully navigate the latest trends in the financial services industry. Our clients include major financial institutions, innovative credit unions, card networks, payment vendors, and government agencies.

Javelin Advisory Services provide insights into four practice areas:

  • Omnichannel Financial Services Javelin’s omnichannel services help FIs ensure that the brand and experience are consistent for customers no matter which “door” they come through. The strategic goal is to ensure that FIs can track and serve customers across the channels they choose and to provide them a uniform, integrated experience.  Javelin provides in-depth research on how customers monitor, manage, and move their money. Specific focus is on digital account opening, financial alerts, online banking, bill payment, and finance management. Javelin deploys multiple consumer and executive surveys annually to understand evolving consumer attitudes and trends, as well as best practices among financial institutions for product implementation, strategic marketing, and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Payments. Intended for payment processors, merchants, acquirers, vendors, billers, card-issuing banks, and payment networks, Javelin’s payments coverage provides in-depth research on traditional and alternative payments, electronic and mobile payment technology and products, bill payment and presentment, and global payments. Javelin provides further insight into consumer preferences and behaviors regarding online and mobile payments, payment technology evolution, and forecasts the adoption and usage of certain payments products.
  • Fraud & Security. Geared toward all omnichannel financial institutions, payment networks, merchants, and billers, this practice area encompasses all identity fraud and safety topics, with the goal of providing effective business intelligence surrounding consumer attitudes related to identity fraud and the most effective ways for financial institutions and others to combat identity fraud, in both online and offline channels. Javelin offers insight into PCI compliance, industry regulations, consumer behavior, and the latest trends and technologies in online and mobile security.
  • Mobile. The mobile channel has become the most recent and innovative solution for the financial and payment industries. Javelin is able to offer competitive benchmarking, consumer preference data, mobile payment solutions, the latest security practices, marketing opportunities, and Gen Y trends for the mobile channel. As this industry evolves, Javelin will provide the necessary information for those who want to capitalize on mobile opportunities.