As mobile phones and other devices have become an integrated part of consumers’ daily lives, their rising expectations for financial account management have begun to outstrip many banks’ ability to respond nimbly while keeping satisfaction high for millions of existing users. Javelin’s eighth annual Mobile Banking Scorecard highlights areas of much-needed improvement that reflect a lingering immaturity of the mobile channel as much as they do tactical deficiencies at individual institutions.

Too many banks still require users to go online to complete tasks that cannot be fully accomplished through mobile banking. Asking users to log into online banking to set up a service or a feature before they can use it on their mobile device creates enormous friction that continues to keep many consumers on the mobile banking sidelines.

Join Javelin as we explore:

  • Which banks deliver a mobile-first experience across all functional areas
  • What critical gaps remain in banks’ baseline mobile banking functionality
  • Which new features have emerged as “must-haves” in the past year
  • How lingering connections to online banking reduce mobile banking satisfaction

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