Tablets Spur Mobile Retail Payments: Is Online or In-Store the Dominant Force in Mobile Shopping?

Tablets Spur Mobile Retail Payments
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Webinar This has a companion report: MOBILE PAYMENTS HIT $20 BILLION IN 2012: Tablets Are Key to a Successful Retail Strategy.
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Presented By: Mary Monahan
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Amazon Kindle Fire. Apple iPad. Google Android tablets. Consumers have strong brand loyalty to a host of tablet devices that are spurring the mobile payments market. With mobile purchases from smartphones and tablets reaching over $20B, how should merchants, vendors and banks best ready themselves for this evolving market?

Consumers spent more than $20 billion using a mobile device in 2012. In the five years since Apple first released the iPhone, purchasing through a mobile device has ballooned to capture over one-fourth of mobile phone owners. As more consumers adopt mobile devices, what portion of mobile shopping will be conducted online versus made in the store with a mobile device?

Join us as we explore which mobile strategies merchants, banks and vendors should adopt to maximize their profits. Mary will examine mobile browsers and apps as the foundation for consumer adoption of mobile POS payments.

This webinar will delve into key questions, including:

  • What is the size of the online mobile retail payments space versus in-store POS payments?
  • What channels are consumers using to purchase and why? How can merchants and vendors encourage use of particular channels and optimize the user experience on the mobile device?
  • How does the average shopping purchase compare across devices?
  • How is the tablet changing the mobile commerce market?

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