Financial Alerts 3.0: The 7 Flaws of Today’s Alerts…and Where to Go From Here

Financial Alerts 3.0
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Webinar This has a companion report: ROAD MAP TO ALERTS 3.0: A New Channel Emerges for Interactive Finance.
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Presented By: Mark Schwanhausser
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Financial alerts are an increasingly important component of interactive personal finance management.  They can serve as “conversation starters” that put banks and credit unions in position to spur customer interaction and online and mobile engagement, as well as develop their role as a trusted adviser.  Or alerts can be “non-starters” that don’t deliver on their promise of useful and valuable information. There is a significant gap growing between usefulness and adoption of alerts.  The most tech-savvy and highest users—Moneyhawks-- find alerts lacking.

Join Mark Schwanhausser as he shares strategies for financial institutions (FIs) to deliver compelling alerts to consumers and transform interactive finance into a 3.0 roadmap.  He will address how FIs can deliver effective and valuable alerts for the most profitable customer segment and be ready for the next segment of likely alert adopters.  

During this webinar, you will learn:
  • What is the outlook for financial alerts through 2016?
  • How can FIs deepen adoption of alerts and use them to transform personal banking and personal security?
  • Which alerts do Americans value most — and are alerts in general living up to expectations?
  • Which FIs are forging the path for financial alerts?

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