With today’s U.S. retail market of over $4 trillion up for grabs, no one entity has yet discovered how to claim their slice of mobile wallet revenue. To show who may rise to the top in the near future, Javelin turned to consumers to explore their mobile wallet preferences. Our surprising findings show which brands consumers find most innovative, trustworthy with payment data, and discrete with private information.

Join Mary Monahan as she shares results from Javelin’s TIP (trust-innovation-privacy) model to rank the Gang of Five brands against existing contenders – financial institutions, payments networks and MNOs. Who is winning over the consumer’s wallet preferences, and who is losing?  

Join us to explore …

  • Why are Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and PayPal‐eBay the brands to beat?
  • Which brands are winning mobile wallet mindshare according to the Javelin TIP model?
  • What features do consumers want in a mobile wallet, and in a mobile wallet provider?