Supporting the growth of digital account transactions, delivering real-time payments, and facilitating mobile wallets are emerging as key differentiators for many financial institutions. Unfortunately, the speed and convenience that these capabilities afford is a benefit to consumers and fraudsters alike. How can financial institutions successfully prevent fraud while retaining the benefits of offering digital financial services in a convenient and expedient way?

Join Javelin and SAS as we discuss a recent whitepaper 2016 Digital Channel Threat: Derisking Convenience. How do financial institutions respond to consumers’ claim that they want to keep the primary role of protecting themselves against financial fraud? Yet consumers will choose convenience over adopting new safeguards. How can FIs continue to protect their customers in this evolving digital space?

The webinar will answer:

  • What unique fraud threats are posed by emerging financial technologies, such as digital applications, mobile wallets, and real-time payments?
  • What fraud solutions and practices provide the most value in mitigating fraud risks while meeting customers’ ultimate need for convenience?
  • How does fraud mitigation and the customer experience balance out?
  • What steps should financial institutions take to move to the next level of fraud protection with growing threats of social engineering

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