Our increasingly digital culture of communicating, interacting, and consuming through every digital platform has laid the foundation for big data and analytics. Financial institutions have an opportunity to generate deep and focused insights about their customers and create innovative digital offerings using big data and analytics. But what regulation is likely to affect data collection and use of data insights? Will consumers participate or backlash against the impact of big data.

Join Nick Holland as he explores recent government deep understanding of the complexities and practices of data mining and analytics, and the likely regulation that could affect big data. He will also explore consumer’s attitudes and likelihood (or not) to accept big data and real time marketing campaigns. Nick will explore:

  • How much do consumers understand about big data and how it is used?
  • How can big data and analytics help FI’s better engage with their customers in real time?
  • What future regulation is likely to affect data collection and use for FI’s?


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