Despite claims that “passwords are dead,” this method of authentication remains firmly entrenched across the financial industry and elsewhere. While many anticipate a future free of passwords, a balanced approach to improving security while preserving the experience of accountholders is critical. Passwords face six major security challenges, yet only half of them are criminal in origin while the other half originate with the consumer.

Join Al Pascual as he explores the myths surrounding the security of passwords. He will share strategies for small to large financial institutions to implement to improve the security of customer’s financial accounts.

During this webinar he will answer:

  • What is the relationship between passwords and identity fraud?
  • How often do leading financial institutions update their customer-facing password policies?
  • What are the factors that financial institutions consider when deciding on customer-facing password policies?
  • Which industries and what credentials do criminals currently target with their efforts?
  • What can financial institutions do to improve the security of customer accounts?