Banks increasingly are turning to artificial intelligence and chat bots to meet the demand for real-time customer service and deflect volume from call centers and branches. Artificial intelligence and natural language understanding now enable a customer’s intent to be determined quickly and accurately from just a few short text interactions. The challenge for banks is to differentiate these bot experiences and value propositions enough from existing digital banking options to stimulate ongoing use.

Join Javelin as we examine where chat bot capabilities show the greatest potential now—from meeting real-time servicing expectations to enhancing the overall mobile banking experience— and whether bots can ultimately succeed in engaging customers in deep, contextual conversations about their financial fitness.

During this webinar, we will address:

  • Why banks must differentiate chat bot functionality from existing digital option
  • What role bots play in an overall digital banking strategy
  • How can chat bots can help start financial health discussion
  • Why the transition from emojis to advice will take longer than you think



Emmett Higdon, Director, Digital Banking


Mark Schwanhausser, Director, Digital Banking

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