The milestone of EMV liability shift in October is just around the corner and there remains a significant gulf between cardholders with EMV cards and perhaps more significantly, cardholders that KNOW they have EMV cards. How are banks and credit unions doing in educating customers about EMV and the changes in their retail experience? 

Javelin is finding that there is a short-term “halo effect” for financial institutions that are ahead of the curve in adoption and education – EMV cardholders have a better perception of their bank across a number of categories. Join Nick Holland as he explores issuers’ efforts to educate EMV customers, customers’ perception of their issuers’ brand, and opportunities to capitalize on this competitive edge. 

The webinar will explore: 

  • How does EMV affect customer perceptions of their primary financial institution? 
  • What are the most effective forms of education? 
  • Which financial institutions are most proactive in educating customers about the benefits of EMV?