In spite of historic hardware adoption since the iPad’s introduction in 2010, tablets have not seen the innovation and development of device-specific functionality that has made smartphones consumers’ first choice for mobile banking. Weekly use of tablets for account access is the lowest of any digital device. Why have FIs resolved to delivering identical—not differentiated—experiences for both tablets and smartphones? 

Join JAVELIN as we explore strategies for FIs to differentiate the tablet experience and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. We will take a closer look at how consumers are using tablets today to manage their financial lives, and discuss whether separate mobile banking apps for tablets are worth the investment. 

We will answer: 

  • What banking activities do consumers turn to the tablet first? 
  • Why has bank support for tablets not kept pace with that for smartphones? 
  • How does consumer use of tablets for banking differ from that of smartphones? 
  • What can banks do to increase consumer engagement through tablets? 

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