Opening an account should be easy, fast, convenient – and ideally should be accomplished in a single session in a single channel. The reality is that this process frequently fractures at critical phases of the process. Too often, consumers initiate an application in one channel but switch to another out of necessity or preference -- increasing the risk of frustration and abandonment. 

Join Javelin as we examine why digital account opening frequently falls short of single-channel success – and how you can turn more digital window shoppers into buyers. We will also examine how customer onboarding dramatically boosts engagement and deepens financial relationships. 

During this webinar we’ll discuss: 
  • Which digital and offline channels do consumers use for the five steps of account opening: to research accounts, initiate applications, provide documentation, seek assistance or advice, and complete the process. 
  • Why online and mobile channels fall far short of the branch benchmark for completing the process in one session within one channel. 
  • Why it is common for applicants to switch among online, mobile, branch, and other channels – and what financial institutions can do to integrate channels to create a process that starts relationships on a satisfying note. 

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