Digital account opening for consumers has evolved to the point that the ability to open and fund an account in one channel and one sitting is now a reasonable measure of success for most FIs. But it’s much more complicated in small business banking. The business account opening process presents banks with their first and best opportunity to demonstrate true omnichannel capabilities, allowing seamless transition between branch, telephone, online, and mobile as the various steps of the process are executed.

Join Javelin as we:

  • Examine the role of online and mobile channels in streamlining the account opening process
  • Explore how business owners view today’s account opening practices, and how banks can better meet their prospective customers in the channels they prefer
  • Discuss opportunities for cost savings and more effective cross-sell, and identify where banks can start developing digital account opening capabilities for small businesses
  • Identify best practices in various parts of the account opening flow, including research and customer acquisition, data and ID capture, document submission, customer service, onboarding, and cross-sell.

NOTE: This is a client ONLY Javelin Advisory Services webinar. Please use your company email address to register for the webinar. We do not accept generic email addresses, such as yahoo and gmai