Small business can be a tricky market for banks to serve effectively as customers vary widely in size, length of business tenure, financial and accounting knowledge, and industry. As small business customers embrace digital banking services, the opportunity for face-to-face interaction is diminished and the bank has potential to be relegated to a role as a transaction processor. What are ways for bankers to reverse these trends and build engagement and personalization in the digital space?

Join Jacob Jegher and Ian Benton as they discuss 9 key areas of investment in digital services that small business bankers should be thinking about in the next year.

In this webinar we will address:

  • How banks can prioritize digital services and partner with vendors to position themselves as a financial partner to customers.
  • What specific features should be developed to encourage customer engagement and put the bank in the position to earn the customer’s business as they grow.
  • What investments will yield the greatest payoff in customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell, and lead to greater cost-savings through improved processes and customer channel migration.

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