It isn’t enough for banks and credit unions to win the foundational checking account. The real battle is to ensure that retail and business account holders buy profitable loans, credit cards, and financial services from you rather than from a rival. The key is to keep your bank or credit union front and center with a digital banking experience that motivates account holders to consolidate their financial accounts– and increase your share of their wallet.

Financial institutions of all sizes seek digital upgrades. But the challenge is to take a “best of breed” strategy that not only delivers high-quality user-facing features and experiences but also enables financial institutions to efficiently manage the back office functions too.

Join Javelin and Q2 for this webinar, where we will discuss:

  • How to develop a digital strategy that deepens engagement and increases your share of the account holders’ wallet.
  • What digital-first consumers, millennials, and other high-value account holders want most from digital banking.
  • What bankers value most when evaluating ways to improve the user experience and back-office capabilities.
  • What bankers say about the pros and cons of upgrading with a modular approach vs. a single platform approach.


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