In the past 24 months, there has been a dramatic ramp up of EMV card issuance, along with many major retailers installing new EMV capable terminals. Fraudster are already taking notes on which merchants are have not adopted EMV terminals and will be the most vulnerable when the liability shifts this October. Small merchants have become the weakest link, vulnerable to future counterfeit card fraud.

Join us as we share strategies for how FIs and technology providers can distinguish themselves to small merchants. We will explore the role of mobile proximity payments, which may be a catalyst for upgrading their terminal infrastructure.

We will address:

  • Small and micro businesses’ level of knowledge and preparedness for the impending EMV liability shift
  • How quickly these businesses can adopt and install EMV capabilities
  • How they can maintain a safe payment environment for their customers
  • Key features and strategies for encouraging small businesses to upgrade their POS terminals

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