Once a closely guarded back-office lending tool, credit reports and scores have evolved into one of the most accessible, powerful, and popular ways for consumers to build an awareness and understanding of their creditworthiness, gain financial confidence, and protect their personal identities and financial assets.

This development offers benefits throughout the lending ecosystem. With consumers more financially aware and empowered than ever before, financial institutions are afforded new opportunities to deliver personalized insights, deepen engagement and loyalty with customers and ultimately, earn more business.

Join Javelin’s Austin Kilgore and Mark Schwanhausser, TransUnion’s Dan Richard and VantageScore’s Jeff Richardson for an in-depth discussion about the role consumer access to credit scores and credit file data plays in the promotion of financial inclusion, responsible borrowing habits, and more transparent and accurate lending practices.


Mark Schwanhausser, Director, Digital Banking
Javelin Strategy & Research


Austin Kilgore, Director, Digital Lending
Javelin Strategy & Research

Dan Richard, Director, Data Science & Analytics

Jeff Richardson
Vice President and Group Head - Marketing & Communcations 
VantageScore Solutions, LLC.