Small businesses have become big targets for fraudsters. In 2016, nearly 400,000 small businesses experienced an unauthorized payment on one or more of their accounts, with fraud losses totaling $3.1 billion. Still more experienced breaches of sensitive information, including business plans and financial account data.

Banks face unique challenges in countering fraud against their micro and small business customers, including low adoption of fraud controls, lack of awareness among business owners about the wide variety of threats, and high propensity of fraud victims to switch providers.

Join JAVELIN and EZShield to learn more about the needs of small businesses and explore how banks can counter fraud and mitigate its effects on profitable small business banking relationships.

Topics covered will include:

  • The growing role of digital in small business banking
  • Gaps between threat perception and reality among business owners
  • Common fraud vulnerabilities
  • Use of fraud prevention products and services among small businesses
  • How a bank’s fraud and security capabilities contribute to customer satisfaction

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