In today’s post-recession environment of greater regulations and tighter profit margins, attracting and retaining affluent customers ($100K+ household income) is growing in importance for banks and payment providers. These affluent consumers have a large number of financial products, including a large array of credit cards. What are the type of features that card issuers need to consider to attract and keep this segment. As they turn to mobile wallets, what are the opportunities to translate physical wallet loyalty to the mobile wallet? 

Join Javelin as we delve into some surprising features of what affluent consumers want from in their credit cards and from their financial institution. We will also explore how this will translate into mobile wallet space. 

During this webinar, we will answer: 

  • The types of features of credit cards (rewards, cash advance, interest rate and more) affluent consumers gravitate toward. 
  • How to secure top-of-the wallet position in consumers’ mobile wallets 
  • Opportunities for card issuers to leverage both physical and mobile wallet space 

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