The first wave of consumers already is pulling out a smartphone or tablet to pay bills. Javelin estimates more than $36 billion in mobile payments are paid annually for just seven common types of bills in 2013. These bills form the foundation for a deeper borrowing relationship. Mobile bill payments are primed for rapid growth, with implications for banks, billers, app developers, mobile carriers, mobile wallet providers, and more.

Join Mark Schwanhausser as he spotlights 140 million Americans who will lead adoption of mobile bill payments, including underbanked consumers. He will share an 11-point analysis of what these consumers desire when they are paying bills and strategies for upgrading and marketing the bill-payment process.

During this webinar, Mark will address:

  • How can motivate consumers to move to mobile bill-payment offerings?
  • From the consumer’s perspective, who is in the better position to fulfill mobile bill payment—FIs or biller direct??
  • What is the return on investment from mobile bill payments?
  • What benefits must mobile bill‐payment providers deliver in order to spur consumers to change habits and switch away from paying bills online, by mail, in person, or over the phone?