The CARD Act of 2009 severely limited the once-pervasive trend of issuing credit cards to college students.Fast forward to 2014, where issuers are partnering with colleges to provide prepaid cards to students and regulators are once again proposing legislation that could dramatically alter college cards. Prepaid card transaction interchange revenue of reached an estimated $1.5 billion in 2013, and payment players are motivated to avoid regulation that could limit revenue. Javelin examines how issuers and universities offering these prepaid cards can best manage potential regulation and continue to profitably serve their student customers.

Join Javelin’s payments analysts, Nick Holland and Aleia Van Dyke, as they analyze the unique financial needs of today’s college students. Nick and Aleia will offer insights into how providers can best help young customers and build long-term financial relationships.

During this webinar, Javelin will answer:

  • How have recent regulations fueled the growth of prepaid cards on and off college campuses?
  • What is the current regulatory environment for campus prepaid cards?
  • How can card issuers’ best serve college students while remaining profitable?
  • How can campus prepaid issuers improve their college card programs?