2015 was a diverse year for data breaches. Data theft from government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and social networks prove that no industry is immune from attack. Many of these breaches exposed information, such as Social Security numbers, that leaves victims vulnerable for the rest of their lives. All of these breaches occurred within the context of a shifting fraud landscape as EMV thwarts counterfeit card rings and forces them to adopt new tactics. 

Join Javelin as we examine how fraudsters are changing their strategies to utilize consumer data at the point-of-sale, online, and on account applications and discuss how financial institutions should respond to shifting threats. 

We will answer: 

  • What types of fraud are on the rise? Card-not-present fraud? New-account fraud? 
  • How are data breaches impacting patronage of breached organizations? 
  • How can consumers be empowered in the fight against breach-related identity fraud? 
  • What types of data are likely to become prominent breach targets? 

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