Although thousands of U.S. banks and credit unions thrive by serving small businesses, an ample majority of these businesses imply that online services fall short at their primary FIs. Businesses need more help with payments, bills, and invoicing and are willing to pay for them. 
Almost 2 in 3 of these small businesses who want upgraded services are already paying for a small business online-banking platform. 

Join Javelin as we delve into the features and functionality that small businesses are demanding to drive their business, including consolidated view of company finances, invoicing, cash flow, payroll, and tax features. We will also examine how primary FIs can enhance online and mobile services so small businesses can manage their finances more effectively, efficiently, and safely under one roof. 

Topics include: 

  • The types of digital banking, payments, and marketing services are important to these businesses. 
  • How many businesses currently use free retail banking services vs. a fee-based small business platform. 
  • Which banks and fintech vendors are rolling out upgrades to target small businesses. 
  • Whether mobile banking features should be a priority yet. 
  • Micro and small businesses comfort level with mobile banking security. 

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