Mobile bankers are valuable bank customers; rich, young, and flush with profitable bank products and services. While rising adoption of digital technologies alters the branch-based distribution model, there are many cost saving opportunities for FIs that enhance the experience for mobile bankers. Despite mobile bankers’ lower preference for in-person transacting; there are still specific financial behaviors where mobile transacting is overlooked in favor of less-efficient, more expensive channels. By switching just one mobile banker’s in-person deposit to mobile per month, the average institution saves almost $50 per annum per mobile banking customer, adding up to $1.5 billion in cost savings for the industry.

Join Javelin as we explore best practices to encourage mobile bankers to maximize the potential of mobile devices and save financial institutions in the process.

During this webinar Javelin will answer:

  • What are the behaviors of mobile bankers across all FI channels
  • Why are mobile bankers still turning to the branch over digital alternatives?
  • Which behaviors should be targeted to encourage electronic channels over branch visitation?
  • Which advanced mobile banking features are profitable for FIs and desired by customers?