Fraudsters don’t rest! Whether online or mobile they are at work trying to find new ways to compromise consumers’ identities and accounts. Although mobile malware has yet to become a pervasive threat in western markets, it has created a chaos in China and India. The potential risk is tremendous as malware operators and fraudsters shift their focus from foreign markets to the US. And today’s mobile malware is extremely capable, with the ability to circumvent the most prevalent authentication methods in use among US FIs and issuers.

Join Javelin as we discuss the need to begin securing mobile banking apps and adapting authentication to address the threat of mobile malware before it becomes too late, including understanding:

  • How mobile malware has evolved to affect the financial industry
  • What is ‘sideloading’ and who is at risk
  • The different features of today’s mobile banking malware
  • Opportunities to empower consumers in the fight against mobile malware
  • The role of strong authentication and application security

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