It’s impossible to understate the opportunity for banks to transform “personal banking” by delivering relevant personal finance insight and advice with every login or glance at an alert. It isn’t about doing customers a favor – though Javelin data underscores that customers value and instinctively turn to banks for advice. It’s really about transforming the customer relationship and building trust to truly emerge as your customers’ primary FI. 

Join Javelin as we discuss important strategies for dramatically expanding your view of your customers’ personal finance needs, how that must shape the “mobile first” experience, and how you can win as your customers boost savings, improve their creditworthiness, and save for goals such as retirement. 

During this webinar, we will answer: 

  • What factors are setting the stage for investment and innovation with personal finance management? 
  • What is the return on investment (ROI) of personal finance management? 
  • What are the biggest obstacles to consumer adoption and investment by FIs? 

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