Prepaid purchase volume is estimated at $150 billion this year and expected to grow an additional $45 B over the next 5 years. Consumer ownership of prepaid cards has climbed rapidly in the past few years and prepaid cards are now found in the wallets of 13% of all U.S. adults. The Kaiku Card, Bluebird, the Plastyc UPside Card and many more are redefining the prepaid card market by offering high-functioning cards with attractive low fees. How do these fees stack up against basic checking account fees?

Join Javelin’s payments analysts, Nick Holland and Aleia Van Dyke, as they investigate several typical consumer-use scenarios — including monthly fees, ATM access charges, and overdraft fees — to estimate the average monthly cost for prepaid cards vs. basic checking accounts. We will also compare the fee differences between bank and non-bank prepaid cards.

During this webinar Javelin will answer:

  • What factors are encouraging the expansion of prepaid products in the U.S. market?
  • How do fees of bank prepaid cards compare with those offered by non?bank providers?
  • How competitively priced are prepaid cards when compared with basic checking account services?
  • How are bank prepaid products positioned with key demographic segments?
  • What regulatory factors influence the prepaid market?