Adoption of financial alerts is growing at a remarkable pace as financial institutions expand their use of email, text, and push notifications to fight fraud and empower customers to oversee their finances.  But the industry is at a turning point when shortcomings in personalized content are pushing bankers to shift their focus from “Which channel?” to “What’s the message?”

Middling  satisfaction is causing consumers to demand better alerts that deliver insight and advice, like the push notifications they receive daily from non-banks such as Google Now, LinkedIn, and Yelp. Javelin’s concept test of numerous notifications indicates that the value of any financial alert hinges on whether its content is personal, insightful, timely, and effectively prompts consumers to take action – without being perceived as “creepy” or “intrusive.” Financial institutions that find that delicate balance will be best positioned as a trusted adviser in consumer’s financial life. 

Join Javelin as we explore:

  • Why it’s urgent for financial institutions to take the next step in the evolution of alerts and push notifications by making them more personal, insightful, and actionable.
  • Which alerts are of greatest interest to consumers.
  •  Why consumers say some notifications are “useful” but others are “creepy.”
  • Best (and worst) practices for FIs to consider when developing engaging messages.

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