With an average of 135 data breaches occurring each month in 2012, Javelin explored the link between data breaches and fraud and found that over 50% of fraud victims were also data breach victims in 2012.  Yet not all data breaches are the same, as the type of personally identifiable information (PII) compromised directly correlates with a consumer’s chances of being an identity fraud victim.

Join Al Pascual as he explores several data breach case studies – projecting the fraud losses to consumers and institutions that are expected to occur as a result of each breach.  One such breach was the South Carolina Department of Revenue data breach, projected to result in $5.2 billion of fraud, with each affected consumer suffering $776 in out of pocket expenses.

Al will identify best practices for preventing breach events and protecting consumers in their aftermath of a data breach.

During this webinar Javelin will answer:  

  • What is the correlation between data breaches and consumer identity fraud?
  • Which types of information are being targeted and misused by criminals?
  • What are the best practices for preventing data breach events?
  • How can consumers be empowered in the fight against breach related identity fraud?
  • What are the projected costs associated with the misuse of breached consumer data?