Javelin’s online banking scorecard is an ambitious tool designed to help digital decision-makers in three ways. First, to identify digital banking principles that should influence decision about features that can boost satisfaction, increase sales, connect customers and bankers at opportune moments, and transform the customer experience. Second, to prioritize upgrades and maximize fintech investments so the online channel is more than a collection of features for self-guided consumers. Third, to build customer trust by serving as a proactive adviser on a lifelong financial journey, a role that will position an FI at the head of the line when customers shop for financial products.

Join Javelin as we explore:

  • The steps to follow to evolve along Javelin’s Digital Banking Maturity Path
  • Six categories that are fundamental to banking relations today and into the future
  • Foundational principles that should help digital strategists select features to increase digital engagement and position the FI in a trusted, advisory role

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