Online retail transactions continue their rapid rise at a spectacular double digit growth in 2015. With explosive adoption rate of various mobile devices -- mobile phones, tablets and wearable platforms -- mobile e-commerce is fast becoming the most preferred vehicle for online retail transactions. Consumers also find mobile devices’ integration of channel options -- allowing shoppers to select and pay in one channel and pick up or return merchandise in another -- very appealing 

Join Javelin as we examine how new market trends such as mobile apps, apps integrating with mobile wallets, and the use of embedded and networked device sensors for reordering are contributing to an increasingly dynamic digital commerce marketplace. 

We will answer: 

  • How is the overall growth of e-commerce trending? 
  • How are mobile devices affecting e-commerce growth and channel shifts? 
  • Who are the power users influencing e-commerce growth? 
  • What are the key drivers affecting retail e-commerce? 
  • How are Internet of Things (IoT) devices (e.g., Amazon Dash Buttons) transforming retail e-commerce? 

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