June 5, 2019

10:00am-10:45:00am PT/ 1:00pm-1:45pmET

Congratulations! You just opened a new checking account online. Through your phone, no less! How does your bank kick off this new digital relationship? By sending you a welcome email with links to half a dozen additional steps to “complete” your setup.

Advances in digital account opening have made it possible to open nearly any type of financial product through a smartphone. The last mile to digital engagement begins when account opening ends—by enrolling customers in services shown to increase satisfaction and stickiness, such as mobile banking, bill payment, and account alerts. Too many banks still rely heavily on email and offline reminders when consumers are expecting simple, real-time interactions.

Join Javelin for an exploration of these digital disconnects, a look at some emerging best practices, and lessons from consumers on how to improve the onboarding process. Key digital banking questions this webinar will address include: 

  • Which digital services are consumers most likely to sign up for when opening a new account?

  • What percentage of customers enroll during onboarding?

  • What follow-up is most successful at driving later adoption

  • Are consumers open to automatic enrollment in online and mobile banking?



Emmett Higdon

Director, Payment


Mark Schwanhausser

Director, Payment

NOTE: This is a client ONLY Javelin Advisory Services webinar. Please use your company email address to register for the webinar. We do not accept generic email addresses, such as yahoo and gmail