September 17, 2019

10:00am-10:45:00am PT/ 1:00pm-1:45pmET

Every day millions of consumers log into online and mobile banking to review transactions in their checking accounts for myriad reasons – to verify purchases; spot fraud; dispute transactions; gather documentation; assess spending habits; monitor bill payments and money movement; and more. But Javelin’s analysis of top U.S. financial institutions shows that the banking industry suffers from four flaws that make digital banking unnecessarily frustrating. Javelin’s critique exposes specific shortcomings with transaction ledgers and outlines opportunities to improve the experience.

Join Mark Schwanhausser and Emmett Higdon as they discuss:

  1. How to rethink the ledger through the eyes of mobile-first customers
  2. How to simplify navigation and enrich at-a-glance information
  3. How to evolve from a data dump to proactive personalization
  4. Best practices by FIs, fintech vendors, and non-banks that show how to make transaction ledgers easier to read, search, and act on.



Mark Schwanhausser
Director, Digital Banking

Emmett Higdon
Director, Digital Banking

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