Identity fraud continues to be a significant problem – one that affected almost 13 million Americans last year – yet not all Americans are affected equally. A recent research study sponsored by LifeLock, JAVELIN explored the impact of identity fraud on students, seniors and military personnel and how fraudsters are using different techniques to attack these vulnerable populations.

Security behaviors and fraud prevention practices of students and military personnel are a huge concern. While students are adept at managing their cyberspace accounts, they are lax in physical security habits. Each of these consumer segments has different set of behaviors that cause them to be targets of account fraud.

Join us as we explore the outlook for impending changes in fraudsters’ schemes and hear some tips on how businesses can help in the fight against identity theft.

You will learn:

  • What behaviors and activities students, military and seniors conduct that place them at a higher risk of identity fraud.
  • The outlook for where fraudsters will be targeting over the next few years and how that impacts these consumers segments.
  • Strategies for how businesses can help protect not only their employees but valued customers.


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