GoBank, Moven, Serve, and Simple.  Neobanks are grabbing market share and creating waves in the digital banking landscape.  They are attracting new customers---younger, urbanite and underbanked. Coupled with faster technology adoption curves, evolving regulatory pressures, and neobanks emergence, financial institutions are under tremendous pressure to reinvent themselves.

Join Mary Monahan and Daniel Van Dyke as best practices for future proofing financial organizations and retooling branch networks for profitable operations in a new era. They will explore:

  • How should financial service providers organize for success in the coming years? Which new model provides for maximum flexibility for future needs?
  • What key features are needed to respond to the rapidly changing needs of consumers and the regulatory environment?
  • What are the main takeaways from neobanks such as GoBank, Moven, Serve, and Simple?
  • What are the major trends that will influence banking over the next seven years?• What segments of consumers do neobanks appeal to and why?


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