After the Credit CARD Act and the 2008-2009 recession, issuers have focused their efforts on acquiring affluent customers. Card ownership among customers with higher incomes have almost returned to 2007 levels, underscoring issuer interest in wealthy consumers who can more easily prove their ability to pay their debts. In contrast, consumers earning $50,000 or less have significantly lower levels  of card ownership than before the enactment of the Credit CARD Act and the recession. 

Join Javelin as we explore the business model of card issuers, specifically the difference between the prime/super-prime and subprime businesses, and how they are coming under an increasing level of pressure.

During the webinar we will address: 

• Impact of Government regulations and CFPB oversight on credit card lending market
• Intense market competition and its impact on issuer profitability and revolving balances
• How issuers can reinvent the over-limit fee in a way that appeals to consumers and 



Michael Moeser, Director of Payment


Mark Schwanhausser, Director, Digital Banking

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