With mobile devices pervade consumers’ lives and instill “always-on” expectations, Javelin examines the need for on-the-go personal finance to replace old‐style personal financial management (PFM)tools rooted in desktop software and hidden away deep within online banking.  Javelin examines the prime consumer segments that are ready for a reinvented, reimagined smartphone PFM that will help them make on-the-spot financial decisions as they shop, pay, save, borrow, and bank. Javelin will share the results of consumer segments and which of the 19 financial attributes they want in this new mobile finance tool. 

Join Javelin practice leader Mark Schwanhausser as he provides insights into consumers’ desire for 19 specific financial tool features and a model that can help consumers shop, spend, and save more effectively. 

During the webinar, Mark will answer:

  • How is personal finance management evolving to suit increasingly mobile‐first financial expectations?
  • How can banks, credit unions, and PFM providers demonstrate there is a return on investment?
  • How many Americans use PFM software, online‐banking PFM, and web‐ or app‐based PFM today?
  • What PFM components do consumers value most?

This includes a PDF of the webinar slide deck and on-demand webinar recording for up to 1 year.

A portion of Javelin’s report MANAGING MONEY IN THE ‘MOBILE-FIRST’ ERA:  A Blueprint for On-the-Go Personal Finance Management will shape this webinar.