Today, consumers in the U.S. own nearly 870 million “Internet of things” devices, ranging from sophisticated virtual assistants to internet-connected lightbulbs, many of which already have payment or banking capabilities. However, while this offers financial institutions tremendous opportunities to deepen relationships with their accountholders, fraudsters have proven themselves to be adept at targeting new services as soon as they are released. Join Javelin as we explore the types of vulnerabilities facing emerging banking channels and identify key stages where FIs can add in measures to protect their customers from fraud.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How prevalent are different types of consumer Internet of things devices in the US?
  • How can financial institutions most effectively assess risks with new devices and channels?
  • What are the primary fraud risks posed by emerging channels and devices, like virtual assistant, chatbots, and voice banking?
  • What measures are most effective at managing fraud risk in these channels?

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